The Budget Trip to London You Will Remember

London is not only a city in Europe. London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom and a home of 8 million people. London is not only the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. London is internationality and a place that everybody feels comfortably in. London is a city that every single human-being on Earth needs to visit at least once in life, because London is its atmosphere and its spirit. You need to feel it. But the desire to travel and the wanderlust are one thing and being able to pay for a trip to England is something completely different. London_Big_Ben_Phone_boxThe United Kingdom is not the cheapest place in Europe and with its own currency it is a bit expensive for almost every normal traveler. However, this could not be an impedance for you, because you can still visit London without having to spend all your savings or your yearly income. All you need is a good organization and initial preparation. So instead of mourning over yourself and complaining that you don’t earn enough so as to afford yourself a wonderful trip like this, take a piece of paper and start taking notes. Here are the main things you need to be aware of.

The Flight

This is often one of the most expensive parts of the entire trip, because according to how far from London you live, the flight could cost you too much. However, we live in 21st century and now the opportunities are endless. If you fly frequently, you must have a loyalty card, which allows you to get great discounts. If not, you should be aware of the fact that there are many low-cost airlines that are flying to and from London these days. Yeah, you won’t get that free sandwich on board, but you will have a several hundred or even thousand more in your bank account. So before booking a flight, be careful and choose wisely.

The accommodation

First of all, London is not one of those cities that have very narrow center where all the sights you need to see are situated and where the hotels are ridiculously expensive. London is a really big city, which has the oldest rapid transit system, the Underground. This means that no matter where your hotel is you will be able to reach every region of London in a couple of minutes only. Thus you will not make a compromise with the quality of the accommodation, but save money in the same time.

The Attractions

One of the best things about London is that though it could be really expensive, it offers so much for free. Many of the museums, which are worth visiting like the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Museum of London, etc. have no fees. So don’t miss going there. And what about the parks? All those lovely parks, where you can feel the British spirit, won’t cost you anything at all. Grab a lunch, lay on the grass and enjoy. Churches and cathedrals, fancy shops and lovely quarters. All for free.